ARTCAST #82 Etsy Thoughts

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

In this episode I'm working on a Wonder Woman commission. I answer a viewer question and give some thoughts about selling prints on Etsy.

Thanks, see you tomorrow
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Jonathan Myers said...

Lola adores the Linda Carter Wonder woman series and really loves what you did with this piece, bud. Great insight about Etsy and I love the shading on Roddy's face.

Tristen Grant said...

Hey +Jeff Lafferty! Thanks for answering the question. A Go Pro would be nice to since its so small.

VlogOfRavenD said...

I been told by some to never sell art on Ebay because people are looking for bargains (unless you're the guy paying big money to George Zimmerman of a painting he painted off a stock photo). My high school art teacher said no to it as well, but I have been thinking about Etsy. Thanks for this video!!!

LHudsonART said...

I've had some trouble with my camera for my most recent video, a lot of detail and contrast lost and it looks far better in real life.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Jonathan Myers ... Thanks Jonathan

LHudsonART ... Its hard to figure out what works best, thanks for the comment :)

Tristen Grant ... Thanks Tristen

VlogOfRavenD ... Thanks for the comment