ARTCAST #103 Feeling Better

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Hi all ...Today I'm feeling better, getting over my cold. In this video I'm working on a Gambit/Rogue commission.

Since you guys have been asking, I'm now making 'audio only' versions of the Artcasts, they'll be available for free at Gumroad -

Thanks, and see you tomorrow


Peter Palmiotti said...

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Piece is looking good! Take your time coming back full steam, being sick sucks.

Lola Myers said...

Glad your feeling better amigo! Really dig the idea of an audio cast- really cool idea. Nice to see you tackling some superheroes too. Great stuff.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Peter

Thanks Jonathan


Kenny Keen said...

via Facebook
Glad you are feeling better Jeff.

airheadzcustom said...

Piece is looking awesome Jeff! I always get sick this time of year too

Yann Vaugne said...

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glad to see u get better, take care

Niki Jackson said...

Glad you're getting better Jeff. I also enjoy longer videos, I have them playing while I paint too. Good idea for the audio's.