Artcast #120 Working Hangout - Board Games

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Hi all ... Today I do another working hangout with sculptor, Mike Fleming jr. We discus our plans for a board game based on my paintings.

Download the 'audio only' version of this show -

Thanks and see you tomorrow 


Kevin Phillips said...

Via Google+
Google Hangout works great if you only have a couple people on. Jonathan Rector uses it for his (sometimes) monthly "Happy Fun Time Sketching" (or something like that) that he does with Will Robson. It's when you add people that the resolution goes down and the show starts skipping frames. I really haven't seen ANYTHING that can record a group get-together smoothly.

My experience as a viewer of LiveStream is that it's okay, but the res is disappointingly low. What's the point of showing art you can't see (well)?

Plex Beats said...

via Google+
Wow! What fun project! That's really cool that you're working with Mike I'm a big fan of the OMFG series toys. I can't wait to see the progression from you guys!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Kevin Phillips ... Thanks Kevin, we might try one on Google Hangout, and see how it works.

Plex Beats ... Thanks for the comment Marshall


Peter Palmiotti said...

via Facebook
I have catching up to do!