Artcast #146 Working Hangout

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Hi all ... The working hangout starts at 8:00 am MT, Mon-thru-Fri and runs for about 2 hrs. Joining me on the show today is ... Mike Fleming jr,

See you tomorrow 


69bonesz said...

Missed 2 hang outs so gonna watch it now, cause that painting is gonna be so great!!
And I did a little shout out for you, no idea if it would help you cause I am so small, but every extra view is nice, cause I think you are a great artist!

Kevin Phillips said...

via Google+
I wish you would adjust your camera, so it was more perpendicular to the painting. As is, there's a lot of distortion. (Unless you want to keep things under wraps.)

Daniel E Burke said...

via Google+
Fun show. You are really making me smile today. Great show.

Lola Myers said...

Cool- glad you got the piece. Yeah- Lola and I work as a team on a lot of art projects and we just go by Studio Imagine8 as our branding. We tried the Boris Vallejo/Julie Bell thing- but seems we have the same problem where Julie's name gets dropped and Boris takes center stage. In our case Lola's name gets dropped and mine gets attention. Hence why we just use the studio name- but appears it still causes confusion. Truth being we both do equal amounts of work on our projects.