Artcast #149 Working Hangout - End Of The Month Drawing Giveaway

Tuesday February 3rd, 2015

Hi all ... Today I have one auction ending for a custom fantasy commission done in oil, be sure to check it out if your interested .... Custom Fantasy Oil Painting

The working hangout starts at 8:00 am MT, Mon-thru-Fri and runs for about 2 hrs. Joining me on the show today is ... Mike Fleming jr, Peter Palmiotti

See you tomorrow 


Kevin Phillips said...

The first art job I had out of school was at a traditional animation company, and I had never had any courses in it. I mostly worked in creating art slides for training programs, which were done the same way as animation: Drawings on acetate, back-colored with acrylic paint. But animation is so labor intensive (especially before computers) that everyone got pulled in to help. I went on to do a little character animation in Flash, but I can't say it's my favorite thing.

Daniel E Burke said...

via Google+
James Bond! Love it! You are such a fantastic artist Jeff.