Artcast #159 Working Hangout

Monday February 16th, 2015

Hi all ... Starting a new painting today, this ones a mermaid in front of a shipwreck.

The working hangout starts at 8:00 am MT, Mon-thru-Fri and runs for about 2 hrs. Joining me on the show today is ... ?

See you tomorrow


Vandal Six said...

Hi Jeff, caught your blog via the Youtube "I have a right to sell my art". I ran into this problem via Zazzle about rights and copyright ownership. I tried to sell a photo of a Stormtrooper that I had taken with my camera but because the character is licensed and owned by someone else I was asked to remove it. I had the same problem with the Needle in Seattle, you can't sell images of it and I was asked to take down those too. I believe the same copyright applies to the Eiffel Tower but only when it's illuminated at night. Personally I find that the whole copyright issue is confusing. Intellectual Property and celebrity is a minefield. Electronic Arts the videogame publisher had a court case brought against them by a military helicopter manufacturer for having one of their vehicles in the Battlefield games. They tried to defend it via the First Amendment right but ended up settling out of court.

Jonathan Myers said...

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Mermaid is looking sharp.

Steven Hall said...

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Looks awsome Jeff

Lisa Eldred said...

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yay mermaid! one of my favorite mythological creatures. It looks great Jeff!

Jonathan Myers said...

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Good show Jeff, Brad and Mike. Cool discussion about sketch cards and pricing pitfalls.