Artcast #162 - Sakimichan Success

Thursday February 19th, 2015

Hi all ... The working hangout starts at 8:00 am MT, Mon-thru-Fri and runs for about 2 hrs. Joining me on the show today is ...
Mike Fleming jr -
Peter Palmiotti -
Jay Ferguson -
Kieran Beech -

Help Peter get into a house, check out his GoFundMe Campaign here -

See you tomorrow 


Todd Cercone said...

via Google+
When you do hangouts like these, you should add a hyperlink to their YouTube pages, or other social media. As I watch them I find myself wanting to go to their pages.

Milyusia Arts said...

via Google+
I'll only be able to see the hangouts at the weekend now, sorry :c

Scott Serkland said...

via Google+
You guys had me rolling on this episode! "When life gives you lemons you make a list" Lemon List: The Movie! 

airheadzcustom said...

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Fun show!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Todd Cercone ... Thanks Todd, links are updated now. It just takes me a while to get back here sometimes.

Milyusia Arts ... Thats to bad, thanks for watching today

Scott Serkland ... Thanks Scott