Artcast #196 Printing Sketch Books & T-Shirts

Tuesday April 7th, 2015

Hi all ... Today we had a full house, Scott Serkland, Marshall Couture, Jay Ferguson and Peter Palmiotti all joined me on the show. We cover a lot of topics in this one. Some good thoughts on printing books and t-shirts, also Scott coaches me on setting up a booth for the Denver Comic Con.

The new Clint Eastwood print is done and will be up for auction later today on eBay If anyones interested in buying the 'low numbered' prints, message me ...

The working hangout starts at 8:00 am MT, Mon-thru-Fri and runs for about 2 hrs. Everyones links are below ...
Peter Palmiotti -
Jay Ferguson -
Marshall Calmplex Couture -
Scott Serkland -

Today's show

See you tomorrow