The Artcasters Live Chat #12 Kickstarter Micro-Campaigns

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Hi all ... Time for the new The Artcasts Live Chat. In this video we're talking about running smaller, more frequent crowdfunding campaigns ... Micro-Kicksters!

Thanks to our guest Ox!

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Thanks everyone and see you next time.
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Jeff Lafferty said...

Live Chat - 12/2/2015
Kim Cornell Do you listen to Soundgarden or Alice In Chains when you work? I do; and it really helps!
Joshua Strother
Joshua Strother Whats something you see in newer artists that drives you crazy? like a dumb mistake everyone makes?
Metazeos newer artists can go too fast with their drawings and start drawing too hard
Samuraiox Yeah, Patience is definitely the best lessons an artist can learn
superkillr Do people ever want their money back from bad kickstarter results?
Samuraiox A lot of people do for the bad ones, since theres no accountability to kickstarter so theres no way to get it back
Samuraiox @comixtribe
superkillr jeff is sucking this kid dry of info...hahahahh

Unmask Art said...

eehh... I missed it live -_-
Oh well still enjoyed it.

Jeff Lafferty said...

+Unmask Art Thanks for watching man

Vexx said...

Yay new Artcastersss ! Loved it :))

Jeff Lafferty said...

+Vexx Cool, thanks!

Kevin Cross said...

Good one! Hell, you don't need me at all. ;)

Jeff Lafferty said...

+Kevin Cross We need ya, you're the third leg on the tripod :)