Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox - original sketch card by Jeff Lafferty
Last night I added Jack & a mini-Jack to the Lost commission.

This card is so big I actually had to switch papers to get it all to fit ...

(I just realized how weird it is, that I actually think a 12 ½” inch long drawing is ‘big’. I’ve been doing miniature cards way to long)

Anyway, this paper has a little more bite than the stuff I’m use to, just a bit rougher. I like it, but its making it hard to work some of the fine detail on the little figures.

Day two of the 365 day challenge, and so far so good. My long time friend and fellow illustrator Sean Tiffany - Link is jumping on board … and here’s Dean’s blog where he’s 'actually' going to be posting his 366 monsters - Link

Anybody else want to join us? Its not too late, I’d love to see some of the stopmotion animators jump on, Ben, Jon, M. Flem … maybe Shelley. (ooohh, now that would be some awesome stuff to read)

See you all tomorrow.
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Manu said...

Once again a great art, Jeff ! I envy your talent for drawing real people, for me, you're the very best for this !

And I salute the bravery of your 365 day team ! Good luck guys ! :)

Evan said...

this looks amazing!!!! your attention to detail blows my mind! (:

Evan said...

this looks amazing!!!! your attention to detail blows my mind! (:

Dean said...

Outstanding work Jeff. You're still going strong :D

Evangeline is one of my favourites. I cannot wait to see her as an elf in the new Hobbit movie this year :D

Thanks for the re-link :D

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu,

Thank you Evan, I appreciate that.

Thanks Dean. Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Hobbit movie too.