Welcome to the new site everybody.
The main addition is the sidebar. Now I have a place to pile all the stuff, I just didn't have room for on the old site. A bit more advertising, my twitter link, the followers box (and that's something I really missed when I took it down) I was up to 156 followers before, so we'll see how high it gets this time.
Just to get the ball rolling, I'll give a free print to the first ten people who hit the 'follow' button and join. (lets say normal card size 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" or the double cards, not the big ones, cause that'll kill me on shipping)
I see there's already four now. Jim, and I think that's probably Jim Burby, one of my favorite, awesome collectors. He owns the Stevie Ray, The Jimi Hendrix and the Jack Skellington originals. Thanks pal, and let me know if its you Jim? :)
Also, Mike Fleming - Link He's an animator that I've met recently. Mike's been so great about letting me pick his brain for all sort of tips and tricks. Here's one of his super cool, test animations - Link Thanks for joining Mike.
Third up is Wynn Ryder, and everybody that's here to see cards, probably already know's about Wynn. He's an awesome sketch card artist, here's his site - Link and this is perfect because I still owe Wynn a painted card, so this will be great motivation to get it done and in the mail. Thanks for the support Wynn.
And fourth, last but defiantly not least (I can hear the applause in my head, and feel the floor vibrate as I squint into the panning spotlights) the infamous, the indomitable Manu Mane!!! and anybody who's read the comments in the last year, defiantly, knows Manu - Link
What else can I say, your famous dude. Email me your address man, I want to send you a card.
Anyway, six spots left whose it going to be? Wicket's going to be done tomorrow, so check back.
See you next time
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JON said...

WOW! I am thoroughly impressed by your artwork! I hope you don't mind me comparing you to Drew Struzan! I checked some of your older posts and your stopmo sets/puppets look FANTASTIC!

rod said...

Nice work - I can't wait to see your stop-motions. I'll add a link to your site from my blog. I'm following you now.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it.