Well I got my ten followers and now I'm happy.

... and the winners are

1. Jim Burby - collector, artist and probably my favorite client - Link
2. Mike Fleming, incredible animator & sculptor - Link
3.Wynn Ryder, fantastic artist - Link
4. Manu Mane, artist, Frenchman and this sites resident superstar! - Link
5. Lance Nibbling, collector, he owns a lot of my best stuff - Link - Link & - Link
6. Jon, animator & awesome puppet builder - Link
7. Rod, animator - Link
8. Brandon Kenny, incredible sketch card artist - Link
9. Sean Tiffany, artist & best friend - Link
10. Adam Schickling, another really cool sketch card artist - Link

Thanks guys! I tried to contact everyone, but it was a little tough digging up everybody's email address. So if you didn't hear from, drop me an email and let me know where I should send your card.

I've been so busy getting the silicone face working, that I never got around to making a finished pair of hands for the puppet. Here's one getting ready for the mold.

I've finished some boots over the last couple of days. The sword, knife and belt still need a little work, but I think there coming along nicely.

See you next time


jim burby said...

im honored man..thanks for the years of great art. heres looking for plenty more.

Manu Mane said...

Thank you for this wonderful gift, Jeff, and for "superstar" ! :) )

I'm glad to be famous till Boulder, Colorado ! :) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

(I just precise for those who'll read this joke : in fact, I'm just a modest freelance, I'm not published in the real comic market, so thanks to Jeff and Sean, the blogs of whom I squat lol, I may be more famous in Colorado than in my own country, which is funny I guess ! :) )

JON said...

Puppet is looking good! Love the boots!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Your welcome Jim, I appreciate it man.

Thanks Manu, your always welcome here pal :)

Thanks Jon

Manu Mane said...

No, I meant "proud" and not "glad" ^^

Jeff Lafferty said...

No worries Manu, we all new what you meant :)