I'm having some design issues with the new wire skull.

I made the last puppet with internal screws to work the mouth and eyebrows. I could fit a tiny Phillips screw driver in under the chin and slowly turn it to open the mouth. This worked great, the only draw back was if the head was pitched forward during a shot, getting at that screw was a real pain in the ass.

This time a wanted to improve my design and flip the the whole thing upside down, then I could go in through the top of the head to control everything.

The new puppet is going to have a full head of hair so the holes would easily be camouflaged. I also wanted to use set screws (screws I could use an Allen wrench on instead of the Phillips) so there would be less chance of a screw head stripping.

It all made sense in theory ... but I'm having an impossible time finding set screws that are long enough. With the new skull they have to go from the top of the head to the chin, about three inches. The best I can find are only an inch and a half, not even close.

I'm considering dropping the top piece of aluminum down beneath the eyes and have the head of the screw in a brass tube running down from the scalp.

I'm still brainstorming ideas, maybe I'll come up with something better tommorrow

See you next time
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JON said...

Dude, you are a workaholic! Reading these last few posts, seeing the inventiveness coming together is really inspiring. You are on your way to something GREAT!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool! Cause you inspire me too man.