I sunk the new head sculpt in plaster tonight.

Here's a few photos of the process. First, a last look at the sculpt as I make it good and slippery with Vaseline.

I put the first layer of plaster on with a brush to make sure there won't be any air bubbles close to the surface. After that I start pouring it on quickly. One thing about plaster is you have to work fast, the whole process took less than ten minutes start to finish.

I keep working the plaster with my wet fingers, adding the excess that falls off back on top. Eventually I end up with a nice 'loaf' shape mold.

I've put it away on the shelf for tonight, come back tommorrow and we'll see if I did it right.

See you next time
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Sean Tiffany said...

I'm getting better day by day but I wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your daily updates and seeing the process of how you make your figures. Everything is looking really awesome and the test video looked amazing!

And, yes, Tanya's belly looked great as well!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Sean, I think the blog is helping me stay on track and get the next step done each day, whatever it is.