Here's Tanya giving the armature, and the 'new' rig a test run. It works pretty well but I still want to tweak the design a bit.

I think I may need stiffer rods in-between the balls, I'm getting a little bit of wiggle out at the end. Also I'm not sure but four joints may be overkill, I might be able to get along with just three.

All in all I'm pretty happy with it and I'm putting together a second one.

Tomorrow I'll probably start working on the face again, get some eyebrows in, build a set of teeth and tongue, then attach it all.

I noticed Mike, you got a mention over at Justin and Shel Rasch's, Stop Motion Mission site. Looks like you'll be casting one of the ships in resin for their movie. Nice one man!

See you next time
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jriggity said...

cool beans!

so nice to see Tanya.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Yup, she finally held still long enough for me to snap off a picture :)

Thanks for the comment Justin