Thanks again everyone for the comments on yesterday's clip.

Justin Rasch - Link, Jon (not sure what his last name is, but here's his - Link) and Mike Fleming jr. - Link, I've been following what these guys have been doing the last few months and they've all been a huge inspiration to me. It's cool that they were the first ones to throw some words of encouragement back my way.

The hands for the new puppet are pretty much done. I still need to buff them up with some fine sandpaper. For some reason when I smooth on the silicone with my fingers it comes out quite a bit shinier than the silicone that originally comes out of the mold. I've found that the sandpaper flattens out the sheen and makes them more uniform.

Another improvement I made with this armature is the hands can slip on and off the forearm easily. The set screw on the underside holds them in. This way I can replace a hand with a closed fist or a hand holding on to something like a sword or spear.

Next step is a new head, and I plan to start that tomorrow.

See you next time
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