Here's the head sculpt for the new character.

I've still got a little more to do around the mouth and bottom of the nose, but I think he's pretty much what I'm after.

I used sculpey and baked it several times as I went, that's how I like to sculpt. I'm really bad with soft clay so I rough it in, bake it, carve it, sand it, add more soft sculpey, then bake it again, carve on it some more, so on and so forth.

Once this little guy is done, I'll make a plaster mold and cast the silicone skin.

See you next time
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M-Flem-Jr said...

Hey Jeff, Thanks for the mention man! Your armature is looking great man, Every time I see it, it looks better. Love the interchangeable hands system you have in place. The new head sculpt is looking great! It's cool to see you really getting into this again. This guy will be a lot of fun to animate I'm sure.


cool stuff I've always wanted to try sculpting like that but i always chicken out last second. Maybe for my next project ill try it out. Its working great for you though. Keep us updated!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Mike, I got bogged down for a while getting use to the new job, but now I'm feeling that old spark.

Thanks Nick, I appreciate the kind words pal, especially coming from an artist as talented as you are.