A quick break from all the armature talk.

Tanya's finally starting to show a little. Shes at twenty-two weeks now and shes been telling me that she can feel the baby move around and kick sometimes. Shes always been such a skinny twig, I think shes really noticing her belly starting to poke out.

Its pretty amazing that this is how it all works. A little person is actually in there growing and he or she is going to eventually come out and then live with us. I have two younger brothers and lots of nieces and nephews so this isn't the first time I've been around all this, but it feels like such a different experience this time.

There's a lot more anticipation and I find myself wondering what is he 'or she' is going to be like once they get here. I see kids playing in the neighborhood and and think that's what my kid will be doing. What's his friends going to be like? What are they going to be like in high school, are they going to want to go to college, and whats he 'or she' going to do for a living after that? Who's he 'or she' going to marry, and will 'we' be here for all that? Will me and Tanya grow old here in Boulder, and what about grandkids? Whew ... my mind just becomes a whirlwind sometimes.

But then at the same time everything feels so 'right' right now. Even though nothing has really changed, I still have all the same bills, my truck's still a clunker and our house, well it ain't that great ... but somehow it all seems so perfect. Like this is exactly how it's suppose to be.

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