Mold, stage two is complete, now on with the silicone.

So far I've been too cheap to buy the real stuff they use in movies, so I'm using Silicone caulk (yup, the stuff they put around a sink in a bathroom.

First I squirt out as much as I think I'll need. Then with a Popsicle stick I stir in a little acrylic paint to get the color I want. Next I push off this big gob of sticky goo into container of soapy water.

The dish soap is the real key here, it will lube up your hands and keep the silicone from sicking to you (The first time I tried this I skipped the soap, when the silicone hit the water it basically disintegrated into a sticky hand lotion that I couldn't wash off)

Once it's in the water I need it around like silly putty. Its the moister in the air that actually causes silicone caulk to set and cure, so by needing it in the water I make sure the silicone will cure all the way through no matter how thick it is.

Then I press it into the mold, making sure I get it in all the deep recesses, in this case the nose is the main bit to worry about.

I push on the top and let the excess silicone ooze out the sides (mmm' looks like a toxic Big Mac)

I'll leave it alone till tomorrow afternoon, then we'll finally get to see if my three days hard work has paid off.

See you next time
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JON said...

mmmmm... Toxic Big Mac. Yum.
This whole process is really fascinating.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool, glad you're enjoying it Jon.