Here it is, one finished side of the face mold.

The next step is to make the back side of the mold. This won't be for the back of the head, but rather the underside of the skin on the face.

Basically I push a thin layer of clay into the mold and form it into a skin. Here I've lifted the clay out of the mold to show everyone what it looks like. This is what I'm shooting for in the end only it will be made of silicone rather than clay.

I set everything up the way I want the final face to come out, I try and keep the clay around the eyes and lips thin so it will be more flexible and expressive. Other places like the chin, cheek bones and nose I leave thicker so it will hold its shape without any underpinning. I also set the eyes into the clay at this point to make the socket impressions.

Then its the same thing all over again, Vaseline, plaster, more plaster, some smoothing and bang, I'm back to where I left off yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll pry this one apart and I'll get started on the final silicone skin.

See you next time
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M-Flem-Jr said...

Ha, Cool man! I never really thought of ever doing a face or a mold that way but it's working out great man! I love it. I agree with Sean and am loving these daily updates. I know there have to be a bunch of people checking in but don't comment. This is really neat!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool, I'm glad your liking them. They're keeping me moving forward.