Tanya's Belly

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Tanya's Pregnat Belly

Tanya’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. Tonight was our Lamaze class. I’ve got to admit that I dread it all week, but when we actually go I have fun.

Just a little over two more months and we'll finally get to meet the little guy ... or girl.

See you next time
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JON said...

Hey Jeff!
That kid is going to have some awesome, loving parents! All the best!

p.s. New blog design is really sharp!

Manu said...

Once again, all my best wishes for you three :)

Manu said...

And I love the new design too !!!! Is there one thing you're not able to conceive, or to build, or to draw ? lol... Many many thanks for the link !!! I'm honored ! :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Jon and Manu :)