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Stopmotion Puppet Head

Well, I was talking to Mike Fleming Jr. (a fellow animation guy) on Skype Sunday night (actually it was more like 3:00 a.m. Monday morning, ‘dear Lord what the Hell were we thinking‘) anyway, he told me that I can’t quit blogging, cause its just now ‘getting good’

Thanks for the encouragement Mike and your right, even I want to see how this whole thing is going to turn out. So I’m going to keep pushing on the blog for a while yet ...
though some days (like today) I don’t get that much done.

Basically I’m still punching hair, I’ve at least made it over to the left eye, I figured out I needed ‘it’ done before I can finish gluing down the face, and I need to do ‘that’ before I finish patching up the back of the head … and finish punching the rest of the hair, of course.

See you next time
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Manu Mane said...

The long eyebrow make him look like a tiger, I love this idea ! What a good work Jeff ! :) )

Ben Whitehouse said...

I know how it feels mate. Punching hair is a serious time dissovler! Keep st it though as everything is looking great and you should definitely keep blogging. I have found it to be really rewarding looking back on the whole process of a project. Keep up the good work Jeff!!!

JON said...

Yeah, man! Keep on bloggin'! You've got fans!

p.s. Congrats on the new camera!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Yup I’m defiantly going to try and keep blogging. Thanks guys for the encouragement