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Dad and Tristan Lafferty

Yup, life is good.

... and a little more good news, I finally got around to doing a second run on the sketch card book. The first shipment was waiting for me on the porch when I got home from the hospital.

I know its been a long time, but for those of you who stuck it out with the pre-order, your books will finally, finally … finally be going in the mail this week, and I’ll try and put a little something extra in everyone’s package to make up for the ‘fourteen’ month long wait (dear Lord, has it actually been that long?)

Sorry guys, I defiantly dropped the ball on this one.

well, all I can say is it was my first book and honestly, I freaked out a little. I’m just like most any other artist and I have a hard time looking at my own work objectively (and there’s something so final about print)

When the books showed up the first time I just hated them. I immediately started on a complete revamp and trashed all the first run copies. By the time I had the new book designed, I no longer had the money for the print run. Basically I gave in to self-doubt and it cost me.

Anyway, today’s a new day and all I can do is give it another shot.

See you next time
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Shelley Noble said...

That's some mighty fine artwork you have there, Jeff ;-)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Shelley, that’s a really sweet comment.