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Boba Fett Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty
Had to put the Green Lantern piece on hold for a while and slip in this last minute Boba Fett commission. it’s a birthday present so I can dawdle.

I think it’s going to be pretty cool, a two card design of Fett and his ship in the asteroid field.
See you next time
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JON said...

Looks great, Jeff!

Congratulations on fatherhood!

M-Flem-Jr said...

Boy man, You've sure been busy. That animation test looks like it came out great, everything seemed to move together well. The card work you have been doing is just fantastic. Boba Fett is going to be really Awesome! Oh, and becoming a father too of course, take it easy!

Sean Tiffany said...

The new card looks great and happy late birthday to Tanya! Sounds like you guys are doing great!

Vincent Tétreault said...

Wow ! Boba Fett's card looks nice so far.

I was wondering a couple of days ago how you can put so much little details on a so small card with a pencil.. I know now. Your pencil lead look sharp as a needle !

What the print in blue we see in the background of Boba ? A primary drawing ?

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks guys ... Vincent, the ‘blue’ is my initial rough sketch. I like to scribble it out with blue pencil first, get everything in the right place then go in with the red and detail it.