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Silver Surfer, original art by Jeff Lafferty
Hi everyone, here’s a few process photos from the latest commission. A Silver Surfer sketch card for Mike Whalen, (Thanks Mike, sorry about the wait) Yup, I forgot about this one for like six months or something. Oh well, you guys already know that I’m far from perfect.

Silver Surfer, original art by Jeff Lafferty
At least it finally got done. The card was actually for a superhero deck Mike was putting together, this one is the five of diamonds.

Silver Surfer, original art by Jeff Lafferty

I added the two fives and diamonds after I painted the card, that way I would still have a decent print to sell.

Tristan Lafferty

Look at this kid, he’s just too darn cute to not be a regular on the blog, besides if I don’t have at least on picture of him on here, all the relatives ask “where’s he at?”

Green Lantern, original art by Jeff Lafferty
Last day on the Green Lantern auction. It's still sitting at $55 bucks. This is a great opportunity to get one of my originals for cheap, so get your bid in now before it ends - Link

See you next time
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Sean Tiffany said...

Awesome new piece and, as always, great pics of the boy!

M-Flem-Jr said...

Nice Surfer, the Card idea is also awesome! Sorry the Green Lantern didn't find a home. Perhaps listing it the week the movie comes out would help get a good price for it. Ebay's a funny bird. Nice work!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments guys