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Well its been twenty four hours and nobody’s gotten back into my Email account. I changed my Google password and added what’s called a SMS recovery code. It basically locks my email account to my home computer. The only way I can get in from another machine is with a recovery code that Google sends as a text message to my phone. It’s a little bit of a pain in the ass, but I want to be extra safe for the next month or so.

The hackers basically got a hold of my email account and for about forty-five minutes they spammed my contact list with Viagra ads. I’ve got to hand it to Google for shutting my account down so quickly (Bravo guys) Considering what thieves in my email could have done (I.E. hacked my EBay account, which in turn would have been an open door to PayPal) I think I got off pretty easy. All in all I think this was a valuable lesson learned.

Here’s a page with some great tips about securing your computer against hackers - Link

After some research I’ve learn that viruses, phishing and password re-use are the top three ways hackers get a hold of somebody’s Email. Here’s a couple of links to what Google says about it - Link & Link

These are my old stand bys, but I still think they’re the best when it comes to shaking the Spybots and clobbering the virus’s
Spybot, Search and Destroy

Well I hope some of that info helps the next guy down the road. After all, the best way to fight these scumbags is to be aware of their dirty ticks and pass around that information to your friends so it doesn’t happen to them either.

Be safe guys and see you next time
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