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Sean Tiffany and Fiancée Monika

My buddy Sean - link and his fiancée (yup, they’re finally getting married) Monika - link came for a visit today. It was a lot of fun, and Tristan had a ball playing with his new friends.

Sean’s been up to a ton of stuff lately, he brought by his new book (very awesome, everybody should pick up a copy when it comes out) and he showed me some new Acoustic music videos he’s got on youtube

Check em' out they’re cool

Let My Love Open The Door (Pete Townshend Cover)
Out Of My Mind (OilCan Drive) Acoustic Demo
Tour Guide (OilCan Drive) Acoustic Demo

See you tomorrow
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Life of an Artist... and Kick-Ass Stylist Chic! said...

Good stuff Jeff! Thanks for having us over! Just out of curiosity, do you have any other pictures of me and Mr. 'Cutie-pants' Tristan?

Jeff Lafferty said...

I do and they're sent, thanks Monika