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Godzilla sketch card by Jeff LaffertyAs of tomorrow morning, Godzilla is on his way to Austria.

I've always liked this little pencil study. I actually think it turned out better than the painted version, so I’m glad it’s finally found a home with one of my collectors.

I’ve had a sudden surge in art sales over the last week, not sure why the sudden rush, but I’m thankful for the extra coin it’s brought in.

In an effort to keep things lucrative, yesterday the Tarzan print went up and today the Green Lantern print is also available. They’re both in the store, and on Ebay.

Here's the new Green Lantern links - link and on Ebay - link

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Shelley Noble said...

The Godzilla study looks incredible, Jeff. I'm so glad you have appreciative collectors. You deserve every success.

That little drooler looks pretty dern pretty cute, happy, and healthy!

M-Flem-Jr said...

Very cool that you are making some sales Jeff, that's awesome! The drooling monster look likes he's having a lot of fun!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Shelley and Mike, I appreciate the comments!