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Conan, original sketch card by Jeff Lafferty

I already sold this card once before, months ago, but unfortunately it was damaged in a flood before the costumer ever got it.

It was a real bummer, but ‘shit happens’ right. So I refunded the buyer his money and threw what was left of the card in a drawer and forgot about it.

Earlier this week I found it again while I was looking for something else. It was a real mess, but had dried out completely.

In the back of my mind I thought “well maybe” it could be fixed.

I used gesso to resurface the parts of the paper that where missing, then I got out my airbrush and worked on it for a while.

I repainted the hands, the sword and some of the face.

I peeled the top layer with the image and glued it down to a new card.

Some varnished and wow, I actually think it’s better than the first time around!

Its up on Ebay now, starting bid is $55 - Link

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Garui said...

Cool! I would love to see your take on the Jason momoa version

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Garui!