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Sorry about the rant yesterday, but you know me. Sometimes I get a bur under the saddle and I’m not satisfied until I knock down the barn trying to scratch it.

Anyway some non-sketch card news.

My other site, the new site, whatever you want to call it … is being featured on the front page of a prominent animation site called

Its pretty cool, and inspiring to see people liking the animation side of my art.

Speaking of knocking the barn down, tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about something that’s going to do just that! So be sure and turn up!

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Sean Tiffany said...

Looking forward to hearing the news tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that it's something great!

Manu said...

Congratulations for having your Curse of the Wolf's Heart highlightened, Jeff ! It's highly deserved ! Thumbs up ! :D

I'll come tomorrow evening to learn this great news to come !!! You're the boss, man !!! :D

Olav Marahrens said...

Congratulations, Jeff! This is fantastic!
Good to see, you're better again!
All the best to you!!

JON said...

Great news! You totally deserve the attention!

Jeff said...

This is great news, Jeff. Being an artist (of any sort) has its ups and downs but you've got to stay the course. You've got the talent to make it.

Also, take my money for a Yeti card, ha!

jriggity said...

Awesome man!! what a cool deal to be featured...


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks everybody!