Lando Calrissian Original Art © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Uncharted 3, Mini-Figure by Mike Fleming jr., Package Design © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Its been a super long day so just a quick post. I made a lot of good progress with the Lando commission tonight, got the big head almost finished

Also, check out my great friend, Mike Fleming jr.s, mini-action figure project - link

I got to do the package art and he’s giving away some of my prints as extras ... very cool stuff!

Lost Sketch Card © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
- The 'Lost' Quintuple Sketch Card is now available -
Buy a limited edition print - $14.99

See you tomorrow
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nathaniel sullivan said...

Rather keen package work there, Mr. Lafferty.
Clean and precise. I just don't have that in me.
By the way, when you have a chance, let me know exactly why the Clone Troopers turn into Storm Troopers. The beast (my seven year old son) asks me about that all the time.


Nathaniel Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Aagain amazing work I am always impressed


Jeff Lafferty said...

LOL Thanks Nathaniel,

I'm not sure there is a 'why', but it happened when Palpatine and Vader took over and abolished the Old Republic. They re-designed the Clone Troopers into the Imperial Storm Troopers.

Just tell him that they made themselves the boss, so they wanted everything their way :)

Thanks Albrecht