DRIVE SKETCH CARD, FINALLY!!! - Sat. October 13th, 2012

Its been a busy week, but I still had a chance to work on a couple different things. First and foremost the sketch card commission for the movie Drive is finally done ... Hooray! - Link

It took absolutely forever. Hopefully the buyer will like the way it came out, as much as I do.

I tried to get the whole film, all the main characters and the 'kitchen sink’ on to the front of this one.

I also had some spare time to work on a personal piece I've had going for a while now. Not sure what the title will be yet … maybe ‘Amazon Princess’ or 'Amazon Warrior' something like that.

Well that's it for this one, Tristan and I say, everyone have a good and happy week … see you next Saturday.


Manu said...

Amazing drive job, Jeff ! And I like your amazon as well ! Glad to see everything goes well for the Lafferty Family ! See u, Manu :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu!