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Batman vs Catwoman Limited Edition Prints

Batman vs Catwoman Limited Edition Print

Batman vs Catwoman Limited Edition Print
Just couldn't help myself from putting that first picture up. They’re just too darn cute. Its actually a pretty quiet moment between those two, usually its more like a tornado leading a hurricane!

I've finished up with the Batman/Catwoman prints, they’re available just in my store so far - link  Eventually they’ll trickle out to eBay and Etsy and the like.

I tried something new this time. I’ve been getting a few request to do larger prints, and also prints that retain the edges. Basically the blank bit around the image area, where I overspray and spill stuff, write phone numbers and things to remember to pick up from the grocery store, whatever.

So in an attempt to give everybody what they want … I made the usual sketch card print, in this case a 3 ½” x 5” inch print - link

I also created a second run that I‘m calling an ‘uncut' art print - link Its larger 5” x 7” inches total. It has the splattered edges and is minus the title. So it’s a little closer representation of what the original art actually looked like.

We’ll see how it goes, if people buy them I might do a few more, if not I might just ditch the whole thing.

I’m not sure I really need alternative versions of my prints. I’m actually pretty much up to my eyelids already with all these prints I have to worry about.

… but, I’ve got to admit they’re pretty cool little items, and I really do like the way these turned out.

Talk to you tomorrow


Manu said...

Hi Jeff ! Giving the economical context everywhere, it's a little bit weird to wish a Happy New Year, but I want to wish you a good and happy year 2013. With a good health, and a lot of good things for all the family :)

I want to go back to your previous article, mentionning the pseudo pact you and the others had made, concerning producing a piece a day. I was not "totally against it" in an agressive or a scornfully way, and I don't remember saying something like “What are you thinking, why the hell would you want to do that?” for real. Which would have been a little too much pretentious from me. I just thought it was unrealistic, and the better way for all of you to get mad :) Our blogs are our tools, but we must not let them put us into slavery, this was my idea. So I was right this time, and usually I'm a reasonable man as you wrote, even if sometimes, I can do or say some very stupid and childlish things that I can't talk about here, believe me... :)

Thanks for the constant support and friendship through the years. Happy 2013 for you, Tanya, Tristan, the dog, the parents, and all your friends and readers :)

Shelley Noble said...

That top photo is so poetic, Jeff. So great to have those two captured together at their rumbling growing stages. Beautiful spot in time.

Love the 5x7 uncut cards! Shows the jewel-like works of art they are off even nicer I think.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Hi Manu, glad you came by to visit. I know I miss quoted you, your a nice guy and you never say anything very mean.

I just thought it made a funny story. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks shelly ;)