Godzilla sketch card, work in progress, © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Oven © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Godzilla’s nearly finished. I would have had him done today for sure, except the oven broke over the weekend and I got distracted.

Instead of tearing into it and trying to figure out what was wrong … I found this one on Craig’s List for $0 (just had to go get it and haul it away) pretty cool what you can find in the internet sometimes.

I came across this interview with the comics creator of Raven‘s Dojo Its pretty hilarious, the guy talks about his recent experience running a kickstarter campaign for his comic. He tells about what it did to him mentally, and physically. How it made him feel like he needed to throw up for days on end. How it made him second guess everything he thought he knew about … well, pretty much everything.

He wraps it all up with calling kickstarter a terrible and terrifying experience. Its defiantly worth a listen if your planning any sort of crowd funding in the near future.

Talk to you tomorrow


Sean Tiffany said...

Cool video. I've never thought about how attached you can get to the Kickstarter campaign and how it must feel when you attach your personal work to such a thing. I can see how it can drive you nuts, especially when it doesn't work.

Would you ever try and do another one again?

Jeff Lafferty said...

I don't know ... I kind of doubt it.

Thanks for the comment Sean.