Wed. March 6th, 2013

Superman, Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
Not much has changed since yesterday with the new Christopher Reed / Superman commission ... but I like looking at it so I thought I would re-post it.

The new podcast is up. This week I'm trying something a little different. There's no guest this time, just me talking about my personal strategies for making money on the web as an artist.

I delve into my experiences with selling ads, affiliate programs and a little about EBay. What's worked for me, and what's a waste of time.

I'm also running a contest for the entire month of March, details are in the front of this video.

I'm giving away the original drawing for the Mad Max sketch card.

If you want to win it, all you have to do is share any of my videos on your favorite social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumbler, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Myspace, linked In ... (Whatever you've got, it doesn't matter to me) ... and leave me a comment, so that I know your doing it.

On March 31st 2013, I'll throw everyone's name into a hat and draw a winner.

Good luck guys & see you Friday
- Jeff


~antonvandort said...

Jeff, I really like your podcast initiative. I have been listening to (most of) the podcast of Mike Hoffman, and I really enjoyed listening to it. It was very inspiring to me and I really enjoyed listening to Mike and also to you.
I once had the opportunity to have a face to face conversation with Mark Schultz about his art and techniques on a convention here in the Netherlands. But most of the times my artistic Hero's are on the other side of the Atlantic.
Your podcasts are a very good alternative to meeting these artists and maybe in time they might even turn out to be very important recordings...
Keep up the good work!

~jFury said...

good luck with these videos. I enjoy them

~ARTofCM said...

Listening to the podcast while I work....

~ARTofCM said...

Nice one Jeff - lots of insight on selling on the web!
Anyone interested in selling should at least give this one a listen!

I'm in the contest - posted this badboy on my FB!

Keep 'em coming!

*stalk said...


~KarstenCoty-Scholl said...

Really awesome podcast Jeff! Learned a lot and it was definitely cool listening from solely you,
i'd really look forward to some more solo shows in the future!

JoeFury100 said...

I like listening to these while i'm working. always interesting hearing another artist's take on business matters. thanks for making these videos.

JonathanAnimation said...

Nice one Jeff a really eye open. I'm not selling anything yet but looking to try and get into that field so I can look to make some money in between commissioned work. I guess I need to start looking at ebay a little more.

Jeff Lafferty said...

JoeFury100 ... Your welcome Joe, I appreciate the comment.

JonathanAnimation ... Thanks Jonathan, glad I could inspire you a little.

~antonvandort ... I love Marks work, the guys been a big inspiration on me too. I'm glad you like the show Anton. I think other artists like you(and myself) are exactly who I was hoping would want to hear this kind of stuff. So it makes me happy that your felling like your getting a benefit from it.

Thanks again Anton, I appreciate the support man!

Jeff Lafferty said...

~jFury ... Thanks Joe, I appreciate you listening!

~ARTofCM ... Defiantly in the contest. Thanks so much for listening Chris, I appreciate it!

*stalk ... Thanks Stalk!

~KarstenCoty-Scholl ... Thanks Karsten, your awesome man!

- Jeff

Richard Salvucci said...

Hello Jeff - Excellent Podcast with some great info. I'm not as adept with the internet as I'd like to be, even though I've been selling for a while via Ebay you gave me some extra insights. I just shared your Podcast on my Facebook page. I haven't really done anything with my own Blog in 'EGADS!' a few years. I think you've given me the inspiration to breath some life into it again!
And thanks for the Ebay ad… jeeeze…I didn't expect that! You made my day buddy! - Rich

Sean Tiffany said...

Regarding making the hundred dollars a year from Google AdSense or Project Wonderful I don’t believe I ever razzed you about making a little money from the ads.

For me, making money from ads means having to put a bunch of ads on your site. And, as you said, many of them don’t even pertain to what you’re doing. So, to me, making five to ten bucks a month to muddy up my website with ads that don’t pertain to what I’m doing and fighting for space with my own work is not worth it to me. That is what I meant when I said there are a lot of ways to make ten bucks.

It’s a trade off. If you want to put ads on your site that fight for visual space for a hundred bucks a year more power to you. I’m a fan of making money any way you can. But, for me, I’d rather keep my site clean of ads and make my money elsewhere.

I didn’t mean it as a personal rip on you in any way Jeff. I’m sorry you took it that way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go light a cigar with one of these hundred dollar bills I seem to have lying around.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Richard Salvucci ... Thanks Richard, Glad you like the show. I've been watching your work for a while now and its impressive!

Sean Tiffany ... Sorry, I didn't mean nothing by it dude.

Sean Tiffany said...

No offense taken, Jeff. I just wanted to throw my side of the argument out there and give the listeners my perspective on it.

Peter Palmiotti said...

I love what you said about not being fully awake but still pushing and working, great stuff. I enjoy the interviews but a solo here and there is a good idea.
I tweeted about this video (you podcast) in case you didn't see.
Keep up the goodness.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Peter Palmiotti ... Thanks Peter, I saw the tweets and thanks you so much! Your in there man.

- Jeff

Brady Scott said...

Great podcast and great advice! Do you have any quick ideas for getting more traffic to my site? bradyscott(dot)weebly(dot)com. Thank you sir,love your drawing/paitning style!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Brady Scott ... Checked out your site and here’s what I saw …

I like the way your art’s right on the front page, so I don’t have to click around to find it, good job.

Your store looks good, safe and professional, again good job.

I’d say maybe open up a little more on the blog, give your fans a look behind the curtain so to speak. They’re going to be more enthusiastic to interact with you (and buy) if you blog is an interesting place that they look forward to visiting each time it updates.

Maybe a consistent schedule for the blog too.

Also a way to subscribe, follow or RSS is important, you don’t want me to love your stuff, then go away and forget to ever comeback.

Bringing people in is tricky, you have to go where the people are, and some how get your work in front of their face.

1. Where do people hang out on the net?

2. Where do people buy on the net?

You should try and come up with your own answers … but in my experience, they hit their email, then they check there facebook page … then they disperse off too what they’re interested in.

So basically, you be ‘there’

Give people a way to subscribe that will show up in their email, and give them a way to follow your work on facebook. Then go every where else you can think of, and talk to people, interact, show off your work.

People will get to know you, they’ll start to like you and they’ll be interested in what you do. Some of those people will be interested in your work and will want to buy it.

Also you have a ton of product, defiantly try eBay.

I notice you have a book too, and lulu’s great, but it doesn't hold a candle to the biggest books store in the world, Amazon. Get it on Amazon and in an eBook format on kindle.

Those big markets like EBay and Amazon is like having your stuff in Wal-Mart, its where people go shopping. Those sales will actually drive traffic and more sales to your own site and store.

That’s all I got. Thanks for the question and hope it helps
- Jeff

hollajack said...

Great list. I have another suggestion for it though....My website. is looking for artists to add to our marketplace, and we are looking for real art. We allow artists to retain all the rights to their artwork, set commissions (that add to the total cost of the shirts) and earn money every time someone uses that artwork for their shirts. So check us out at and we hope to see your works of art soon.

Jeff Lafferty said...

hollajack ... Guess I'll leave this spammy comment up, since it's at least 'sort-of' close to the topic.

I don't know about your site though dude. Your going to have to get that thing looking a lot better if you want my stuff on there.


Jeff Lafferty said...

I guess all it takes to attract the spammers and scammers to your comments, is to write 'Make Money' and 'affiliates' in the title of what your talking about.

I've had to delete two or three comments a day off this post since it went live.


Soferia said...

This is a great podcast! Its talking about your personal experiences. It has inspired me to want to put more stuff on ebay. You're right, draw something and throw it up on ebay. Someone might snag it. Have you done a podcast on yourself? That would be an idea. You could also post a video saying "ask me your questions here in the comments and I will do a reply video while drawing in real time/time lapsed while answering your questions" IDK lol! I just love your art XD. Keep up the awesome JOB!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Soferia ... Thanks you very much Soferia. I like the idea of a comment show, I might do it.