Fri. March 15th, 2013


The revised version of the poster I'm working on. More revisions yet to come still, but I'm have a lot of fun with it. I'm taking this one clear to a 30"x40" inch movie poster.

Here's the first version, in case you didn't see it.

By the way, thanks for all the amazing comments on the last video, you guys are awesome!

This weeks guest for 'The Back to the Drawing Board Podcast' is David Petersen from Mouse guard.

Its an awesome interview and David gives some great insites into making and publishing his creator owned comic.

Check out mouse guard - link ... and then listen to the interview!

Don't forget about the contest this month ... Share one of my videos on facebook twitter or any social media, comment and let me know that you did it, and you'll be entered to win the Mad Max pencil study.

I'll draw a name out of a hat on March 31st!

Good luck everyone and I'll see you Friday with the new podcast.
- Jeff


=WillFactorMedia said...

You do excellent work! I love your color schemes and textures, as well as your accuracy in the realism of your pieces of actors etc...

Artem Orlov said...

Thnk You)))) Your Chanel is Cool)))))

Jeff Lafferty said...

=WillFactorMedia ... Thanks!

Artem Orlov ... Thank you

- Jeff

JON said...

Great stuff, Jeff!

Kurtis Sasso said...

Your art work still amazes me no matter when I look at it Keep up the awesomeness!

Jeff Lafferty said...

JON ... Thanks Jon!

Kurtis Sasso ... Thanks dude, I appreciate that!

- Jeff

kairus1 said...

so using a 3d model persay of a city or something wouldnt be very good, for reference. sounds like a real prop model is the best........ but building a city and jungle would be very laboring so i dont know what to think. ive seen some of these 3d models are expensive too.

Jeff Lafferty said...

kairus1 ... I cant speak for David but if I was drawing a whole city, I would probably just settle on using photo reference rather than trying to make a model. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the podcast.