Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Hi everyone ... Short post today, I'm late up working on a book cover design for a possible client. Enjoy the new piece and video.

Mermaid Artwork, Copyright © 2014 Jeff Lafferty

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow


BaneNascent said...

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That mermaid is awesome. I like the reflections and you have a nice balance to the image, the dark and light areas flow well. (I didn't get to watch all the video yet, but the Wolverine piece is look'n coo.)

Jeff Jai Dee said...

via Facebook
vBlogs are addictive kind of hypnotizing..

davy j.y. said...

via Google+
looking good,,cant wait to see it finished..!

AmBrOJordiArt said...

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The concept for this one is so great and kick-ass!

PeterPwn! said...

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You should check out inkpulp audio. Great comic podcast by Shawn Crystal.
Really dig those vlogs by the way! :)

Peter Palmiotti said...

via Google+
Really digging this piece, just wow!

As far as podcasts, Sidebar is a good one.. interviews with a lot of illustrators/ painters., Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith is right up your ally, anything Chris Oatley, Word Balloon, and Kevin Smith's fat-Man on Bat-Man... I loved the episodes with comic writers/ artists!!! (I don't need to hear about Batman otherwise... I'd rather read the comic, or see a new movie.) 

Jeff Lafferty said...

PeterPwn! ... Thanks, will check it out.

AmBrOJordiArt ... Thanks Ambro!

davy j.y. ... Thanks Davy!

Peter Palmiotti ... Thanks Peter, I do listen to sidebar, and your right its a good show, will check the others out. You forgot the best one though, Independent Road on Talk Shoe!


DimRasha said...

via DeviantArt
many thanks for the watch back! :) (Smile) it's an honour.. thank you :)

Peter Palmiotti said...

via Google+
Yes, that is the best one! LOL

...I figured you may have known about that one. haha
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