ARTCAST #104 Starting Wonder Woman

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Hi all ...Today I'm starting another Wonder Woman commission, and talking about lots of random art stuff like scheduling, kickstater, ebooks and passion projects.

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Thanks, and see you tomorrow


Brad Utterstrom said...

Glad you mentioned sketch cards again. I'd like to see you pick that up again, and when you talk about it, you sound as if you enjoyed it but you got away from it because it wasn't worth it. But I feel like the market has changed and you might find a way to make it work.

Jeff Lafferty said...

I defiantly didn't mean to be down on cards. Sketch cards are an awesome market, and I made a lot of money while I was doing them, and I'm sure I could make them work again. I just moved into other things, not because I disliked cards, but because I wanted to do other things besides 'just' cards.

Brady Scott said...

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Looks good!

Sutton1022 said...

For my two cents... I get a lot out of your videos and I think you should post as many as you're comfortable posting. I'm in the art casters group (Matthew Sutton) and I get a lot of insight from watching your techniques. We do different types of artwork but, I can honestly say I've been picking up technique ideas from you here and there. Generally I listen/watch your videos as I'm working on pieces too. I definitely check your page each day or two for new content to listen to. It's just nice to see someone who's making art really work for them (and you ARE doing that). Keep up the great work!

davy j.y. said...

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excellent work, cant wait to see the finished result :)

airheadzcustom said...

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Wonder woman is looking awesome!!

Chris Hack said...

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thanks Jeff. this is just what i needed this morning. i've missed your late night drawing sessions. all that was missing was the cool train horn sound.

Yann Vaugne said...

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always a good time to watch you drawing , thx for sharing

Lola Myers said...

Good thoughts. Yeah originality can be tough in regards to commissions, especially when your client wants a certain topic or 'look'.

Jesse Cobb said...

Watching you sketch inspires me to sketch. Love the videos.