Artcast #115 November Drawing Giveaway Winner

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Hi all ... Please consider buying a print of my latest fantasy painting, called Comes The Minotaur -

Today I pick the winner of this months free drawing giveaway. I also showcase the great work from 'The Artcasters' Facebook groups monthly challenge.

Note: Sorry I missed the update for Mondays video. I did get get the video up, but my site was temporarily down, so I never got a chance to post it here. Its now embedded below along with the audio links.

Download the 'audio only' version of this show -
Download the 'audio only' version of the previous show -

Thanks and see you tomorrow


Peter Palmiotti said...

via Google+
Another wonderful gallery of artists! ...and I hope you sell out your newest print. Looks gorgeous! 

Lola Myers said...

via Google+
Jeff really great gallery featuring the myth pieces. Lola and I want to purchase a print here on Friday. Really want to support your fantasy endeavors.

Karsten Coty-Scholl said...

via Facebook
That's amazing, I'm super excited! Definitely a great way to start any day..

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Peter

Thanks Jonathan

Glad you won Karsten thanks for all the support