Artcasters Chat, Tonight At 9:30pm MT

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Hi all ... We decided to resurrect the Artcasters Chat (at least for tonight anyway) The show starts at 9:30p.m. Mountain Time.

Thanks and see you tomorrow 


randomvidsbro=) said...

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Subscribe to my channel for classic pranks ever friday

BQADDeftones said...

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awesome painting

Marshall Plex Couture said...

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Wow guys! I don't know what's wrong with me but I actually watched this whole thing lol. Very entertaining to say the least!

Scott Serkland said...

I can't believe You guys went another three hours after I logged off. Awesome! Record broken! 

Jeff Lafferty said...

randomvidsbro=) ... Thanks for the comment

writerof ... Thanks for listening!

BQADDeftones ... Thanks from everyone on the show

Marshall Plex Couture ... Thats awesome! Thanks Marshall

Scott Serkland ... Thanks for being on the show Scott, we're building up our stamina for the 24 hr Arcasters chat