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Jeff Lafferty Building A Shed

My buddy Sean Tiffany - link mentioned the “structure in the backyard” I’m building. Its suppose to be a shed (at least that’s what I’m telling the neighbors) but its really going to be my workshop/studio to shoot animation. (The Tiff actually came over last week and helped me get the roof on) Thanks man, I didn’t realize you where so handy with a screw gun. I’ll put up a few more pics once its finished

I wanted to thank everyone for all the comments I’ve been getting lately. Its really encouraging to see that other people are actually interested in what I’m doing.

Yesterday Shelley Noble (her site is super incredible by the way - link) asked if the story I’m working on is something that I really care about. The answer is yes, very much so.

It’s basically a story that I made up years ago, I tried to do it as a comic, but for a variety of reasons I never could keep going with it. Comics and me just never seem to click, I love the idea of doing a comic, but when it comes down to actually drawing it, I just don’t have what it takes.

Anyway the basic premise has been in the back of my mind for years, and as things have happened in my own life, the good experiences and the bad, I’ve let them sort of, write themselves in to the story.

Things like breaking up with a girlfriend, fallings out with certain friends, or when my grandmother died, those were all significant moments in my life, so in the story there are scenes and characters that parallel those events.

I just hope I can actually pull it off, and learn this whole stopmotion animation thing well enough to do it justice.

See you next time
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Shelley Noble said...

I'm so excited to hear that, Jeff! So glad. Seeing a truly talented artist like you making something that matters to you is a real treasure.

Go go go!

Manu said...

And you can count on us to keep following your progression ! By the way, when I'm invited to a diner between friends, and I show my own blog, I always show yours to my friends, and all of them are impressed and consider you as a great artist ! I wanted to let you know :)

JON said...

Lots of people dream of building their own studio. The thing is... you actually did it! It's one of many reasons to be impressed by your many accomplishments.

Sean Tiffany said...

Wow, the "shed" is looking great! I'll have to stop by sometime so check it out. But the roof in the photo looks really good.

Glad I could help. It was fun to get away from the drawing board for an afternoon and climb around on a roof and screw nails into wood. It made me feel like a real man again! haha

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thank you Shelley.

Thanks Manu you’re a good friend.

Thanks Jon

Thanks Sean, yeah come by sometime. You can help me get the rest of the siding up :)