Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hi everyone, I’m trying out something new called Patreon

Its kind of like kickstarter, but different … better I think. I explain the whole thing in the video, or you can check out the campaign on my page at Patreon -

I’ll be giving away limited edition prints and original art as incentives for pledges.

Speaking of prints, the 'Racheal / Blade Runner' prints are in, and available at my store - Racheal / Blade Runner LE Print

Let me know what you think of this whole Patreon thing? Is it going to be worth it? Is it something you all are going to be interested in?



juriaan13 said...

Great idea, you are one of my main inspirations..I;m getting into sketch cards and admire the trick of working that small..

Bocist said...

Good luck with the new site :}

evomasher said...

I'll pledge and support you once I'm able to. I bookmarked the page so I don't forget. I'll also talk to you about another commissioned piece when I'm able. :-)

Andrew Froedge said...

gonna have to checkout patreon

ArtByCher said...

Good to see you, Jeff. I think it looks promising and it can't hurt. A great way to promote yourself as a artist

Challenger2008 said...

Jeff, what was said above. Never know till you try.

Sandro dixit said...

via Google+
a sense of originality in your work . . . love them alot

grellXsebastianX said...

that looks pretty cool!!!

Dan Orgill said...

Looks promising!

Sutton1022 said...

via Google+
All the best with this endeavor! I'm new to the world of professional sketch cards myself and I find your videos highly inspiring.

Peter Palmiotti said...

Wishing you luck Jeff!

DANgerous124 said...

via Google+
Looks like a promising new business venture, Jeff. I also like the new style of the prints. Ever thought about posting current process shots to Behance or Instagram. That'd be a good way of reaching out to new people.

Jeff Lafferty said...

juriaan13 ... Thanks, glad I could inspire :)

Bocist ... Thanks!

evomasher ... Thanks man, I appreciate all your help dude. Anytime you want another piece, just let me know. I had a blast doing the last one!

Andrew Froedge ... Thanks for the comment Andrew.

ArtByCher ... Defiantly, thanks for the comment :)

Challenger2008 ... Thanks Dan

Sandro dixit ... Thanks!

Dan Orgill ... Thanks again Dan!

Sutton1022 ... Thanks! Good luck with your cards!

Peter Palmiotti ... Thanks Peter, your awesome dude!

DANgerous124 ... Thanks man, your always hitting me with some good ideas, I'll check into those sites :)


Jeff Lafferty said...

grellXsebastianX ... Thanks!


Eduardo Franzoi said...

Hello Jeff... You are the best !!

grellXsebastianX said...

you're welcome!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Eduardo Franzoi ... Thanks Eduardo